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Canoon Rd Netball Public Exhibition closes 15th Jan 2018

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Ku-ring-gai Council proposes to dramatically expand netball capacity at the Canoon Rd Recreation Area netball facility in South Turramurra that will significantly increase weeknight traffic congestion. If you have concerns for traffic and/or environmental impacts from this development in our local area please send a submission to Ku-ring-gai Municipal Council (KMC). The alternative is to accept these impacts.

The Kissing Point Progress Association has a thorough examination of the potential impacts of this amendment along with suggested alternative solutions to support growth for the Ku-ring-gai Netball Association (KNA). The community is encouraged to review the material and send a submission to KMC. On this page you can also follow the Quick Links section on this topic.

The Pubic Exhibition for the Canoon Rd Recreation Area Plan of Management (PoM) amendment runs from Thursday 23 November 2017 to Monday 15 January 2018. Submissions will be received up to 5pm on Thursday 1 February 2018.

Council will only listen if residents speak up in large numbers, it is vital your voice is heard.

If you wish to know more about the impacts from netball traffic or need help with your submission email secretary@kppa.org.au or see the Contact Us  page.

Don’t forget to look at Ku-ring-gai Council’s Public Exhibition page for the Canoon Road Recreation Area Plan of Management (PoM) amendment.

2 thoughts on “Canoon Rd Netball Public Exhibition closes 15th Jan 2018

  1. Hi KPPA , your details were passed on by a raptor expert.
    Good to find another group fighting to keep their Powerful Owls safe from development and human intervention. IT is well known that Powerful owls are very sensitive to disturbances around their breeding trees. Bayviewlife.org are fighting a proposal to put a Seniors Living 4 storey , 7 building , 95 Apartment complex right in the middle of Pittwater’s high priority wildlife corridor. Whilst researching and fighting this, we have come across at least 6 other powerful owl habitats which are under threat of development. We believe this is a pattern of behaviour where the NSW Govt is just looking at each individually and not at the cumulative affect of their actions.
    So far we know about: Manly Vale School, Beecroft (Mikey the powerful owl), IBM West Pennant Hills land, Eleanora Heights (school lost their powerful owls due to work on their nesting tree), Bundeena Spring Gulley (Shire) , ours in Bayview and yours. That makes a lot of Powerful Owls currently under threat… I have posted your website onto SOS Greenspace facebook. There is a post there about powerful owls. Mikey the Powerful Owl also posts there, he has a radio show. (you can look him up on facebook) . So you are not alone. Together we need to fight these developers, councils and NSW Government people. If you want to help us you can go to bayviewlife.org and there are links to our petition at change.org. Good luck with your fight … stay strong , you can win !

  2. Hi KPPA, we shared a link to your post about your powerful owls on SOS Greenspaces facebook page. Some of their members in return have shared that posting. So your message is being shared across powerful owl communities.

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