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Council Votes to Undertake Studies for Canoon Rd Netball Lights

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Good news for South Turramurra residents and other stakeholders with Councillor Jeff Pettett’s Notice of Motion regarding the Canoon Rd Recreation Area being successful at the Council meeting on 13th March 2018. Councillor Pettett’s Motion requires Council to make an informed decision about netball lighting by ensuring that appropriate traffic and environmental assessments are undertaken. This is a great result given the significant traffic and environmental impact from such a development.

The Council’s report on Canoon Rd Recreation Area will only go before Council after each of the individual studies/reports are completed. It is expected that netball lights will not go in this year.

The Notice of Motion result can be found in the Council meeting minutes.

The KPPA sends a big thank you to Councillor Pettett and Councillors Cszatow, Greenfield, Smith and Spencer for their support on this issue.

It’s important to note Deputy Mayor Callum Clarke (Comenarra Ward) voted against doing appropriate studies despite the 2015 Plan of Management stating a precinct wide traffic study must be done with high priority.

There is a stark contrast between the representation South Turramurra receives from our 2 local Ward Councillors.

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