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Join the KPPA

Become a member of the KPPA to get updates on actions, news and events in your local area. Membership costs just $10.

If you want an overview of what the KPPA does check out the Home page.

Why join?

  • The association is very much community-oriented and the more people involved gives a wider perspective on community interests. More members result in more influence when lobbying council.
  • Being a member of a community organisation gives a sense of belonging and connectedness with local issues and developments.
  • Being involved in the KPPA can help to effect the changes you want.
  • A positive thing to do.
  • If you have any ideas that you think would enhance our community please join the association, share your ideas and goals and work with us to ‘progress’ these ideas.

Membership of the KPPA is only $10 per year!

Download the interactive membership application/renewal form HERE.

If you don’t have a .PDF viewer that can handle interactive forms, download a copy to fill in by hand HERE

Please email the completed form to secretary@KPPA.org.au