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Do we need a new childcare centre in South Turramurra?

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A DA has been lodged with Council for a proposed childcare centre at 102 Kissing Point Road, on the corner of Boronia Avenue. No one doubts that childcare centres are a GOOD THING, but can you have too many? South Turramurra already has three childcare/day care centres and it could be argued that our local community doesn’t need any more. Kissing Point Road carries quite a bit of traffic and tends to get quite clogged up at morning and evening peaks, and at school pick-up and drop-off times. While most of the traffic is through traffic, our own residents also have to use this road and are forced to share the congestion. There is no doubt that the proposed daycare centre will add to this mess.

If the centre is mainly used by South Turramurra residents then we grudgingly accept that our inconvenience is outweighed by the local good. However, if the centre is mainly to satisfy residents from other areas and is only being built here because someone managed to get a cheap building block, perhaps we should cry “NIMBY”.